January 2019

Millie's Fun Day

Millie had been looking forward to her 21st birthday for almost a month. Now she knew what was happening, she was ready for it.

Millie was aware today was her birthday and was looking forward to going out, with her parents, being picked up, taken to the Queens Hotel, having a gourmet meal and stopping over-night in a room with a full-testa bed... a birthday to remember.

Looking out through her bedroom window she saw the road, it was chaos, cars everywhere, people wearing weird clothing... or very little, some being half naked! She didn't understand what was happening and panicked. Millie phoned the police. They spent the whole day in the street... closed it off to people and traffic.

The police told Millie to phone her parents and cancel the party as it would be unsafe to venture out of her home today.

What a start to Millie's birthday... her day had been ruined.

Nothing to do she set her computer up to log the events on her face book page. Her face dropped and tears formed in her eyes as she read:

"Party from eight in the morning till late, it's my birthday, bring a bottle and wear weird clothes," it even gave the street where she lived.

Her thoughts went back to two nights ago, the argument with a close friend... She had told her exactly where to go... this was payback time!


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