Christmas Comes But Once A Year

I woke up to the sound of my other half jumping around and screaming at the bottom of our bed.

"What the hell's going on," was all I could utter.

"I know it's Christmas, but this is bloody ridiculous. It's the one day in the year when I get a lie in."

"No you don't, you want to read this. Christmas really has arrived!" she Shouted, loudly and excitedly.

"What's it say then... it better be pretty-good!" I replied, emphasising the 'better be good' bit.

"I've just been down stairs to see if he's been and found this envelope in our letter-box."

"You're bloody daft... see if he's been. seventy-three years old and still mad about Christmas... still believing."

"Well it works, listen. Two tickets for a cruise were in the envelope... it leaves tomorrow!"

"I don't believe you, pass them to me."

I looked, it really was jaw dropping. Yes, there were two tickets... and yes, they were in our names with all details correct. Our passports, with visas, were also in the envelope. I had no idea that our passports had gone missing.

"Who they from," I asked.

"I don't know, or care at the moment. We're going on a cruise... tomorrow!" she said sternly and loudly.

I phoned the twins and got no reply from either, which didn't help. After checking with other family and close friends I gave in to her last words.

Christmas day was the busiest we've ever had. Packing, contacting anyone who needed to be contacted and doing what people do before going on holiday. Night came, everything was ready, we just collapsed on the bed.

Boxing day at Southampton Docks we were surprised to find the twins waiting for us. Oh God, I hope they're not coming on the cruise came into my mind.

As if reading my thoughts, Sally, the eldest twin, said...

"Happy anniversary mum and dad, and don't worry we're not coming with you. Enjoy you're Golden Wedding Anniversary."


"See you in six months' time... when we get back from our world cruise."


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